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Tune&Heal Academy 

Certified Training Courses

TUNE & HEAL - Cellular Resonance Therapy  - simple techniques for healing the Body-Mind-Spirit with sound.

Four Stage Training, Practice and Diploma Exam (European Accreditation).

Download PDF Brochure and find upcoming Certified Training Course HERE

After completing full Training Course, practitioners receive Certificate titled "Certified Cellular Resonance Therapist" based and approved by the European Union Educational System. This accreditation of “In Depth Music Therapy” method operating on cellular level is healing people worldwide. Training is four stages on fundamentals, practice and theory which are normally broken down into two meetings completed within one year (experience needed to meet the exam requirements).

Our training course involves three areas: fundamentals, practice and theory; all infused with one goal; healing ourselves and others. The method is intended to help with mental, emotional, physical and psychological problems. In addition, our Tune & Heal mission emphasizes and helps guide our premise that every human being should take responsibility for their own life.

Thanks to Cellular Resonance Therapy method supported by work with healing vibrations, everyone can activate their own self-healing powers. Recent findings of these new alternative therapies built upon millenniums of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s knowledge on meridians, chakras, accupoints, meditation and breathing exercises are now embracing sound as the next leap in quantum physics, human development and are tools for one to recognize the opportunity to heal one’s body, mind and soul. In fact, with all three spheres in balance, consciousness expands and one’s life goal becomes eminent.

Akademia Dzwieku (Sound Academy of Dr. Barbara Romanowska) training courses have been offered worldwide for over ten years. Graduates and practitioners of Cellular Resonance Therapy apply natural sound waves as a therapy; these techniques are used now by many clinics and medical centers around the world. Many of these graduates and practitioners are doctors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists but many people who have no formal medical training and who went through our four stages of training are reaping the benefits of the healing techniques utilizing knowledge they learned by putting tuning forks in practice.Everyone can use our method to improve one’s health. Musical knowledge is not required for practicing Cellular Resonance Therapy method or being part of the Tune & Heal Mission.

For decades, conventional medicine used sound waves in different treatments, such as MRI, laser, Ultrasounds technologies, etc. Now, the proven track record of In Depth Music Therapy hassolidified not only the viability of sound for medicinal purposes but laid the foundation for the Tune & Heal Mission. In particular students of the Cellular Resonance Therapy  such as pharmacists, doctors and scientists of different specializations have expressed gratitude and acknowledged sound therapy as an amazing power to combat disease and transform damaged cells to healthy condition.

During the seminar Akademia Dzwieku (Sound Academy) supply students with different sets of tuning forks, especially prepared for Cellular Resonance Therapy method that have a very good quality tune and are manufactured in precise parameters. There is the possibility to buy the tuning forks recommended by Sound Academy working with Cellular Resonance Therapy  method during the 1st stage of a training course to help to practice and treat others immediately after learning. Tuning Forks are the tools for sending sound to the body, mind and soul and utilize acupressure points for healing. After 1st and 2nd stage, students are encouraged to buy tuning forks to continue their journey to Tune & Heal all beings using Cellular Resonance Therapy method.

Here are just a few of that many areas that are covered:

  • Learn a new method of sound healing called Cellular Resonance Therapy as Tune&Heal mission already popular in Europe
  • Learn a new way to support life change and how to bring a person into pure purpose and healthy Body-Mind-Spirit condition
  • The Self Journey- Tools and practices to support you in living the life you want to live.
  • Understand the ancient and modern foundations and applications of sound healing / music therapy, and how you can include them in what you are already are doing
  • Experience what a spiritual experience our life force offers and pass it on.
  • Add dimension to your sessions by learning advanced emotional release work with sound
  • Learn new sound healing session techniques, spiritual awakening tools, and powerful energy healing techniques for Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Open your own office working with a new method of sound vibration
  • Gain the skill to create ideal, repeat, high dollar clientele. Assist them with life-changing growth and skills.
  • Explore ideas to impact the societal level with your gifts and wisdom. Bring healthy power, positive vision and empowered change to this world through In-Depth Cellular Music Therapy sessions, Tune&Heal mission events and media.

And this is just the tip of the iceburg...

This is a four stages Intensive Training Course (I+II stage Friday-Sunday meeting and after 4-6 months of practice next Friday-Sunday III+IV stage meeting including exam). You will be given a completion certificate at the end of the class. The full certification requires 25-50 hours of session work (offering your own session work at your own pace).

Practicing of learnt techniques of Cellular Resonance Therapy method include diagnosis, harmonization and cleaning and regulating energy of all lifeforms. Performance of practical usage of techniques which were learnt, represent the very foundation for the future work as Certified Cellular Resonance Therapist.

After passing the written and practical test, you will receive certificate approved by the European Union Education System. You will then, have the foundation of Cellular Resonance Therapy theory and practice and be prepared to partake in the exciting realm of healing with sound.

Who is teaching?
Dr. Barbra Angel (Barbara Romanowska) World Renown Naturopath, Author, Life Coach, Composer & Singer, Winner of Hollywood WIND Film Festival, Humanitarian Awards, Christian Film Festival, Int. Songwriting Competition and more. She is the creator/teacher of Tune & Heal - Cellular Resonance Therapy; is the founder of the Academy of Sound in Europe; holds a Ph.D. in Naturopathy; has an M.A. in Composition/ Arrangement and Vocalism; is an author of three books in different languages; and has created multiple CDs of music and healing sound. Since 2003 she has been teaching her Tune & Heal method through 4-Part Certificated Training Courses & leads Healing Concerts worldwide.

Who Should Attend?
Those who are versed in music, healing arts, counseling, coaching, massage, energy work or advanced in the spiritual wisdom. This class goes way beyond the aspect of musical knowledge and healing and focus on every part of a person’s life, including Body-Mind-Spirit. This is a very well rounded course that covers many styles of sound healing and teachings. This is a very advanced class, it moves fast and you will be going into personal change while learning how to share it with others.

Program and Cost
$ 300 person/ I stage. Completed full seminar IV stages + exam and Certificate /$1200 person.

*Notice that $600 must be paid before or during I+II stage (Fri-Sun weekend meeting) and next $600 for III and IV part & exam during our next meeting after few months of practice. If you pay in advance $1200 you get $100 discount. If one does not want to become a Certified Cellular Music Therapist and is interested in class only to know how to heal family members or himself /herself does not need to complete full Training Course including exam. In these cases it is enough to finish I+II or I +II+III stage (depends on program that one wants to be thought).

To sign in send us an email with your name, tel. number, address and birthdate


USA, California : info@tuneheal.com ; +1 619 534 4088

Europa : info@akademiadzwieku.com www.AkademiaDzwieku.com

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