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" I was enlightened with Tune & Heal meditation in May 2013. Although I am practitioner of different methods of meditation since almost twenty years, I have never experienced being so closely linked to Universe&God  and received such amazing results! Of course one can call God "Higher Self", "Creator" or "Absolute" and they all are right because meditation doesn't have to be a religious thing, especially this one. Tune & Heal meditation gives you a key to unlock all potentiality which resides in each of us; this door leads to our greatest treasure which use our own possibilities to heal our bodies, minds, souls or life difficult situations. This power is in us since our birth. This meditation empowers the meditator with health and clarity and belongs to whomever chooses to access their pre-owned inner peace and healing possibilities through tuning inner organs and/or life situation which needs to be healed (tuned to the healthy frequency). Tune & Heal meditation is powerful, nourishes, develops our spirit and rises our inner consciousness" .

Dr. Barbra Angel

Tune & Heal meditation is a complimentary to Tune & Heal mission including Cellular Resonance Therapy method which use different frequencies of sound and music therapy techniques based on resonance and ones being’s innate nature of healing.This meditation feeds us by sound resonance working on triple nature level: Body, Mind and Spirit. Taking time and nourishing this triple nature is achieved through meditation. "Meditate in your heart, and be still." Psalm 1:2.

Even science now tells us that this kind of rest “meditation” for the mind is healing to the body, and it also helps to rebuild brain tissue and prevent several psychological disorders, including Alzheimer's and ADD. And obviously, if you are not religious, you needn't fear that you'll become religious if you choose to meditate using this technique! You will, however, as science tells us, rebuild brain tissue, prevent mental illness or stress related diseases, which make up a large portion of all diseases. Developing the habit through repetition for at least 20 minutes each time leads to pronounced responses of peace in the body and mind. So if you enjoy religion, you can try saying a prayer that you connect with. Let this habit be part of you and reap the benefits.

As you watch the animation, you will see points of reference all timed perfectly to multiples of nine seconds.

Step 1 Inhale in the envision of LOVE concentrated in your navel through your nose with the picture of a tuning fork between you and the heavens for nine seconds.

Step 2 Exhale in the envision of FREEDOM concentrated in your navel through your nose with the picture of a tuning fork between you and the earth for nine seconds.

Step 3 For nine seconds while the freedom and love HEALING power combines in your navel, visualize, think and send this energy where it needs to go. The possibilities for utilizing this energy is infinite. For example, one can use this healing energy for themselves for a particular ailment and/or positive affirmation or send out to others for theirs. Remember, this mediation works for health, goals, aspirations or missions as well.

Repeat Steps 1-3 on one or more issues two more times per mediation cycle. Remember during the nine seconds while love and freedom mix, it’s important to visualize, think and send this energy where it needs to go.

You can do this on your own or for a guided practice . Look at the animation above and be walked through healing your THROAT as an example of how to use this meditation. You are also heartily welcomed for our TUNE & HEAL seminars to learn more.


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