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*Doctors determined my daughter was infertile following a childhood illness of an ovarian tumor and three subsequent operations. After two months of treatments and a new diet recommended by Barbra Angel, my daughter became pregnant and now has a healthy baby boy. Bozena P. Poland


*I am a Reiki master, bio therapist and energy healer, so I know how energy works. But I must admit that Barbra’s tuning fork techniques bring better effects than I could imagine. I experienced a clinical death, coma and heart attack but now feel very good. I signed on to become Barbra’s student. Marian W., Chicago, USA


*My Parkinson's disease used to be very strong with trembling hands that have now almost disappeared due to Barbra's treatments. My sight also improved almost 50% so I can read books without glasses again although I am 77 now.  Maria K., Slovakia


*My wife, a pediatric doctor, had brain cancer and was taking morphine because of the severe pain and the late stage of her illness. After meeting with Barbra Angel and finishing a course, I began treating my wife four times a day. After one week she had no pain and three months later the tumor was smaller. After two years, she is free from cancer.   Dr. Zielinski, Poland


* After only one of Barbra’s sessions, my friend from Gothenburg got rid of 3 kidney stones! She is a professional!  Iwona S., Sweden 2006


* Ms. Barbara Romanowska has established a new and accurate harmonic model of the entire organism, which is able to exhibit different patterns of the harmonic and organic activity. Using her model, one is able to stimulate normal and abnormal energy of the body. It can be used to stimulate diseased states of the inner organs and therefore may be used to heal certain human diseases, illnesses and emotional experiments. These works, together with her advanced sound analysis through the use of tuning forks and her work as a typical professional musician and singer will greatly speed up the applications of sound wave in clinical practice everywhere. I am proud to note that she holds her seminar worldwide and I have completed her training course because it helped me a lot with curing my patients. I truly believe that Ms. Romanowska is an extraordinary researcher in the fields of music and sound therapy. She has made many original contributions to these fields which have improved the state of knowledge and inspired other researchers worldwide. Her works will have a profound and beneficial effect on the nations.  Dorota Piekaj-Stefanska, Doctor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of Laryngology at a Specialist Hospital. Director of the Phoniatric Clinic, founder and developer of the Silesian Polish Association of Laryngectomy, Sosnowiec, Poland


* Ms. Romanowska is known in the music industry as Barbra Angel and from my experience in the industry as well as with her, I can attest to the fact that she is indeed an extraordinary musician with the ability to not only create wonderful music, but to also heal through music therapy.  Her gift in musical therapy, it would be a great benefit for those patients who are in great need of her help where modern science has completely failed. With her proven success with patients who had suffered from major illnesses throughout the United States, I am confident that she will continue to contribute greatly not only to the music industry but to the emotional and physical well being of many ill patients around the nation. She has healed people with cancer and other illnesses that traditional medicine has not been able to achieve. In short, she is able of performing little miracles with her extraordinary ability in music. Brian Wayy, Music Producer, songwriter and re-mixer USA, California

* I inadvertently met Miss Angel through pure happenstance one day, but looking back I realize it had to be nothing less than divine guidance. I had suffered from severe digestive problems, bipolarity and depression my whole life and was desperate to try anything that might help. On a leap of pure faith (and as a believer in the healing power of music), I took a chance on her Tune&Heal method. Less than a year later, not only is my bipolarity completely gone, but my gut is strong, my heart is light, and my Spirit is absolutely joyous. I am filled with a shining new zeal and optimism for life that I've never know before, and it shows no signs of ever coming down. With the new life she has given me, I've since transitioned from Miss Angel's client to her assistant, her student, and am now a Certified In-depth Cellular Music Therapist myself! Her Tune&Heal method is a gift from heaven, and the fact that ANYONE can learn how to do it is a miracle by itself.

Bless you Barbra. You gave me the world. You are an Angel in every sense of the word. Jerry T. Hill ; San Diego, CA

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